A Message From Our Executive Director

The mission of One Church, One Child of Oklahoma is to inform the community of the need for foster/adoptive homes and identify families interested in adopting or fostering children, specifically African-American children.
Valarie E. Howard
Executive Director

It is the desire of the One Church, One Child program to continue to provide support and resources not only to the families we recruit, but to those families and individuals within our community who have a need for such services. The deterioration of the family structure in our communities greatly contribute to the rising number of children who are institutionalized at an early age. We strive to represent the families and children in our state and communities in an effort to reduce the number of children who grow up in the child welfare system. With your assistance we can make a difference in the lives of our children who are so desperately counting on us to utilize the talents, gifts and authority we have been entrusted to change a child's life forever.  


Valerie Howard
Executive Director