Our Wonderful Kids!

Meet Victoria!

Victoria is 11 years old.  She has dark brown hair.  
She has brown eyes, and smooth, lovely brown complexion.


Victoria is a smart and sweet girl.  She is very inquisitive.  She considers herself to be girly girl and likes clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Her favorite possession is pictures of herself.  She enjoys listening to R&B music, and watching TV.  She enjoys dancing and playing games with her friends.  She is easy going child and aims to please.  She likes to practice good manners and is cooperative and friendly once you get to know her.  She can seem a bit shy initially, but warms up quickly.  Her favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chocolate cake.


Victoria has been disappointed in the past by many adults in her life.  She needs a caregiver who understands that she has been hurt in the past and can be untrusting.  She needs a lot of love so she can learn what a trusting relationship is.


If you wish to find out more about adopting Victoria or other adoptable children, contact Belinda Ball at (800) 865-0225 or (405) 424-0225.